Player Pianos

December 10, 2021

We sell and install the two leading player piano systems. Both Piano-Disc and QRS's "Pianomation" will fill your home with beautiful music and provide you and your family with many hours of musical entertainment.

Disc systems are small, dedicated computers that bring your silent piano to life via pre-programmed CD's created especially to play your piano. Player piano systems can be installed into virtually any acoustic piano or you can purchase a piano from Cook's Pianos with a player piano system already installed.

The choice of music is boundless

An enormous library of specially-programmed CDs is available for you to play. Any style. Any era. Anytime.

Suppose you and your family are ready to sit down to eat dinner. To help you relax, just press one simple button on your remote and suddenly your piano starts to play, filling your home and ears with soothing music. Just one simple button brings your piano to life, as if by magic.

It's as if you have an invisible piano-player at your beck and call ready to play all your favorite songs. Even better, when you are entertaining or throwing as party, everyone can gather around the piano and join in on the fun by singing along.

Not only will your piano make beautiful music but you can also have the sound of an entire band or orchestra join in providing breathtaking accompaniment as if you are in a wonderful ballroom or theater!

Player disc systems are found in homes, restaurants, clubs or establishment of all kinds. If you love music, you will love a player disc system for your piano.

  • Includes a remote control
  • Can control volume and tempo
  • Plays whisper soft all the way to very loud or anywhere in between.
  • Symphony with speakers supplies accompaniment by orchestra or band
  • Can record your own piano playing
  • Can play MIDI files
  • Can hook up to your MIDI keyboard
  • You can play along while the system plays

Now Available

  • iPods and other M-3 players w/interface installed!
  • Loaded with 8000 songs for your disc-player library.
  • Custom speakers ( Bose and others) installed.
  • Play your piano's symphonic accompaniment through your own home-theater system for a wonderful sound experience!

Please contact us for details and pricing.

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